Message from the new Chair

ICOM Netherlands is tightening the association’s membership criteria from 1 July 2023. According to its statutes, ICOM is an international organisation of museums and museum professionals and a network for exchanging knowledge and experience internationally. ICOM NL is of course bound by these statutes. In the elaboration and handling of the membership criteria, however, major differences have emerged over time between the various national committees of other countries. Compared to other committees, ICOM NL is an exception because of its high number of student members.


Dear ICOM friends,

During the General Members' Meeting on May 20, I was appointed chair of the board of ICOM Netherlands. With this I succeed Diederik von Bönninghausen. I commend Diederik for his fantastic work and I would like to thank the board and the GMM for their trust in me!

Museums are wonderful and important institutions in which we can look back and look forward, where we can reach a broad public and tell interesting and inspiring stories with our collections. I think it is very important that we focus on our international colleagues: we can learn from each other and help each other. Wars and climate change and doubts about science show that it is very necessary to form a strong museum community. And it is also great fun to work together across borders!

I look forward to meeting you soon! I can be reached at 

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