As a member of ICOM, you can participate in one of the many Committees and Working Groups at both national and international levels. You can thus make a substantial contribution to the ongoing development of the international museum field.

Committees and Working Groups

National and Regional Alliances

The National Committees, including ICOM Netherlands, are the most important building blocks of ICOM and are also the organisations within which communication between ICOM and its members takes place. Some National Committees have joined forces on a regional level. ICOM has seven Regional Alliances: the Asian region (ASPAC), the Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC), the West African countries (CIAO), the Arab countries (ICOM/ARAB), the North African countries (ICOM/Maghreb), Europe (ICOM/Europe) and the Northern European countries (ICOM NORD).

International Committees

ICOM has more than 30 International Committees that focus on the various specialisations within the museum sector. These global think tanks bring together experts on various museum and heritage issues. Committees focus on the international exchange of (scientific and scholarly) information, develop professional standards, advise on the introduction of generally applicable rules and recommendations, and share their expertise with other members through various publications. They also initiate collaborations between cultural organisations.

Participation in an International Committee not only offers you the opportunity to expand your network and your horizons, but also to actively contribute to the future of museums.

International committees

The Standing Committees advise ICOM on a number of structural issues, such as finance, ethics and regulations, and legislation.

Standing committees

Working Groups

In addition to the Committees, you can also participate in a number of long-term International Working Groups.

International Working Groups

An overview of activities organised by the ICOM Committees. 


Who are already active within International Committees?

We can imagine that you have questions and would like to know more about participating in an ICOM international committee (IC). We therefore keep an overview of Dutch ICOM members who are active within an international committee (or are otherwise connected to a committee) and who have indicated that other members can contact them for more information.

Name Active in Function Type Email
Ninke Bloemberg ICOM Costume Board Member (international collaborations) IC
Paul van Brakel ICOMAM Chair IC
Hans van der Bunte INTERCOM/External Review Steering Committee Treasurer (since Sept 2019), Board Member (since June 2021) IC
Andrea Kieskamp IC Ethcom Secretary SC
Daniëlle Kuijten COMCOL Chair (sinds 2022) IC
Esther Meijer ICOMAM Board Member (since sept 2022) IC
Annette Schautt ICMEMO Treasurer (since Nov 2022) IC
Kate Seymour ICOM-CC Chair (until Sept 2023) IC
Lara Weiss CIPEG Treasurer IC
Jean Hilgersom ICAMT Advisor to the Board IC
Anika Ohlerich ICMS Member IC
Lian The ICAMT Member IC
Hilda Tomasouw ICMS Member IC
Angela Manders CECA Member IC