Institutional membership

Do you want to become a member at the institutional level? This is possible if your museum or cultural institution endorses the objectives of ICOM. If you want to contribute to international cooperation and the further professionalisation of the sector, join the network.

Annual fees

The rates for institutional members depend on the annual budget. A limited number of membership cards are available for each category.

Category Rate Operating budget size Number of cards
Institution I € 335 < € 30.000 3
Institution II € 405 € 30.000 up to € 100.000 4
Institution III € 565 € 100.000 up to € 1.000.000 5
Institution IV € 750 € 1.000.000 up to € 5.000.000 6
Institution V € 805 € 5.000.000 up to € 10.000.000 7
Institution VI € 995 > € 10.000.000  8

Supportive institutional membership

Government organisations and funds that support museums in policy or financial terms are eligible for a supportive institutional membership. With this type of membership, you are part of the ICOM network, but do not have voting rights at the General Assembly of Members and cannot sit on the board.
Regardless of the size of the operating budget, this membership costs €1,975. Institutional supportive members receive eight ICOM cards.

Guidelines for new applications

It will take approximately six weeks before you receive your ICOM card because registrations are processed at the main office in Paris. Please take this into account when applying.
Membership is for one calendar year, with automatic renewal until cancellation. Applications prior to 1 October will be registered as membership for the current year and the full annual fee will be charged. Applications after 1 October will be registered as membership for the following year. If the membership fee is not paid by 31 March, the membership will be cancelled.
Every year in December, when you pay your membership fee, you will receive a new annual sticker for your card by post.

Additional guidelines

Do you represent a cultural institution that aims to represent and promote the interests of ICOM, but is not a museum?
Please upload a letter of motivation or a recommendation from a museum with the application form.



Have any questions about membership? Go to our FAQ's. Not found what you are looking for? Please contact