Individual membership

Would you like to join an international network of museum professionals and contribute to improving the sector with them? Then become a member of ICOM.

You can become an individual member of ICOM if you:

  • are (or were, if retired) professionally associated with a museum or an institution that supports the museum sector;
  • are a self-employed person who primarily provides services or knowledge to the museum sector;
  • are pursuing a course of study for a museum position;
  • are a member of the board or supervisory board of a museum;
  • are an employee of an organisation that does not work for museums, but your work is primarily museum-related.

Annual fees

There are three kinds of memberships:

Regular €92,50
Student €47,50
Senior €81,50

Guidelines for new registrations

Because your application is processed in Paris, it takes about six weeks before you receive your ICOM card. Please bear this in mind when applying. Every year in December, a new annual sticker for the card will be sent to you by post. The membership fee will then be automatically deducted from your account.
Membership is for one calendar year, with automatic renewal until termination. Applications prior to 1 October will be registered as membership for the current year and the full annual fee will be charged. Applications after 1 October will be registered as membership for the following year. If the membership fee is not paid by 31 March, the membership will be cancelled.


Additional guidelines

  • Not a museum employee?

    Kindly provide either your own justification or a recommendation from a museum that proves your work is relevant to the museum field. You can upload these documents with the application form (word, pdf). For example, do you primarily provide services or knowledge to the museum sector? Do you work very closely with museums? If so, what percentage of your time is spent on this?
    N.B. merely desiring access to museums is not sufficient.

  • Student
    You can apply for membership of ICOM as a student if you are following a museum-related course at a higher vocational education institution or university, such as (art) history, cultural studies, museum/heritage studies, or at an art academy (only museum-related studies). As a student member, you do not have the right to vote at the General Meeting of Members and cannot serve on the Board. We require proof of registration, including your name, the name of the course you are following, and your current year of study.
    Please use your study e-mail address as your primary address. Your private e-mail address should be entered as the secondary e-mail address.
  • Senior member
    You can become a senior member if you are of pensionable age, and if you have both worked in a museum-related position and have been a member of ICOM for at least the previous five years. A senior member can, just like a regular member, attend the General Meeting of Members (and is entitled to vote there), and events organised by ICOM Netherlands. You can upload a copy of your identity document with the application form.
  • Member of a Supervisory Board or Board of Directors of a (registered) museum
    As an institution you can apply for membership for members of the Supervisory Board and the Museum Board but only for the period you are in office.
  • Employees of organisations that do not work for museums, but whose work is museum-related
    In such cases, we require a letter of motivation or a recommendation from a museum to demonstrate that your work is primarily related to the museum sector. You can upload this document with the application form.
  • Volunteers and commercial institutions
    Unfortunately, you cannot become an ICOM member if you work as a volunteer or are employed by an institution that trades commercially in cultural goods.

Registration at ICOM Netherlands and ICOM International

ICOM Netherlands registers your (address) details for the annual membership payment, to send you your ICOM card, and to invite you to Dutch activities such as the General Assembly (ALV). After your application has been approved, ICOM Netherlands will send you a login code (your member number) and a password, which you can use to change your address details on the website.
At ICOM International, your membership and (address) data are also registered in the system: Member Space. ICOM International will email you a separate login code (your email address) and password for Member Space.


Have any questions about membership? Or is there a change in your situation that you would like to report? Go to our FAQ's. Not found what you are looking for? Please contact