Are you a museum professional who wants to get more out of your area of expertise? Do you value international cooperation and knowledge-sharing and would you like to be informed about current developments in our field? Then become a member of ICOM Netherlands. You can do this as an individual, but also at the institutional level. Membership of ICOM Netherlands means that you are also a member of ICOM International.

What are the advantages?

  • First of all, the international knowledge-sharing network of colleagues.
  • You can really make a difference by participating in the various International Committees and Working Groups that deal with important issues in our field.
  • As a member, you also have access to a range of ICOM publications, toolkits and conferences and you regularly receive discounts on activities of partner institutes.
  • As a member of ICOM Netherlands, you are also entitled to various subsidy schemes [LINK].
  • Finally, you will receive the ICOM card, which provides access to museums worldwide. However, this is not a right derived from the ICOM card but a courtesy offered by the museums in question.

Individual membership

You can become a member if you are (or were, if now retired) professionally connected to a museum or museum support organisation, if you are self-employed and mainly provide services or knowledge to the museum sector, or if you are studying for a museum position.

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Institutional membership

Do you want to become a member at the institutional level? This is possible if your museum or cultural institution endorses the objectives of ICOM. If you want to contribute to international cooperation and the further professionalization of the sector, join the network.

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