NEMO collects museum initiatives for Ukraine

ICOM Netherlands is tightening the association’s membership criteria from 1 July 2023. According to its statutes, ICOM is an international organisation of museums and museum professionals and a network for exchanging knowledge and experience internationally. ICOM NL is of course bound by these statutes. In the elaboration and handling of the membership criteria, however, major differences have emerged over time between the various national committees of other countries. Compared to other committees, ICOM NL is an exception because of its high number of student members.


After receiving calls and messages from colleagues from all over Europe asking how they can support their Ukrainian colleagues, NEMO - the Network of European Museum Organisations has decided to start collecting and monitoring support activities and initiatives from museums across the continent who want to help their Ukrainian colleagues and Ukrainian citizens at large. ICOM welcomes this initiatives and in a demonstration of support disseminates this call through our network. 

NEMO is looking for:  

  • Different forms of support actions that your museum has developed for Ukrainian museum colleagues and Ukrainian refugees at large, to inspire other museums;
  • Concrete support offers that your museum can offer and that NEMO will share with Ukrainian colleagues.

So, what could your museum do? Or what are you already doing to help Ukraine? Together we can inspire more museum to develop similar supporting initiatives and show how much the museum sector can respond.


Submit the information below to

  • title of the initiative or offer;
  • name of the institution, city and country;
  • short description in English (max. 1.000 characters);
  • a link or contact for further information;
  • a picture if available.

National Museum of the History of Ukraine